Is this Don Cheadle?

So many of you may have noticed that theres is not one black(negro) persons in my film The Room.  Many of my critics call me a racist and that is not true, i didnt mean to exclude them, i did not. keep in mind, i’ve been growing up all around the world like in america and france, so i haven’t really been exposed to the black(negro) ppl. all my family is white, all my girlfriends is white, im white. i simply just dont have black friends.  these morbid allegations are tearing me apart!!! 

I digress though, since im not used to black persons, its very hard for me to tell them apart, sometimes i see a picture of beautiful monkey and i think its hit supermovie star son cheadle, i loved him in Boogie Nights.  Is any1 with me on this?

Having a Good Time in Kiev

Hey everybody, so sorry i made u fans wait for my new post, i cant believe that ive been so busy signing autographs for adoring aficionados. Recently ive been away from my Dell since i have been spedning some of my summer in Kiev.  Kiev is a wierd little city of soup nazi’s, (hahaha Signfeld).  to get around i mostly took the Kiev Underground Navigation Tunnel, or the Kunt as we call it.  i cant believe its called the KUNT. i laughed so hard wen i realized that. i couldnt stop laughing. i havent laughed this hard since i saw Dharma and Greg, which was my inspiration for The Room.   Other than that i am still trying to get in contact with Juliette because after watching my movie i think i am actually starting to fall in love with her.  but i think that piece of shit Chris R is also trying to hook up with her ever since i allowed him to act in my film. I told him he could do it in exchange for his coupons for sunglass hut, but instead he tried to distract my actors and take my beautiful Lisa. HE BETRAYED ME!!!

this is me laughing at the K.U.N.T.

Morning Masturbation

Morning masturbation can be a serene and culminating experience especially with the help of morning wood rigor mortis. It also casts a shadow over the plights that life throws at us.  Just the other morning I woke up thinking about my sexy sex scene with Lisa and I began to touch my penis.  Sometimes I wish the actress that played Lisa could be my real wife, but im a little scared because she might betray me and run around having secret sex with my best friend Langston (the character in which mark is based off of.) Who knows, you know what they say: Love is Blind. But anyways, once in awhile i like to touch my penis in the morning before going off to sign autographs at various FYE’s around the country.